Permanent Resistance and the Jewish Diaspora

(Ha'aretz) In designing its policy against the threat posed by the permanent resistance, Israel should take into account the impact on the anti-Semitic discourse faced by the Jewish Diaspora.

A parliamentary inquiry team in Britain reports an unprecedented rise in anti-Semitism. The report indicates that the escalation in anti-Semitic incidents was attributed in part to growing criticism of Israel since 2000. The panel also found that the "new anti-Semitism" transfers the traditional stereotypes about Jews to Israel.

These findings present the interconnectedness between the permanent resistance to the State of Israel and the anti-Semitic discourse directed at Jewish communities around the world.

The permanent resistance and the basic de-legitimization of Israel constitute strategic threats to the State of Israel. In shaping its policy towards this threat, the Government of Israel tends to focus mainly on the military and diplomatic aspects.

The relationship between the State of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora and its connection to Israel's policy in dealing with the permanent resistance is a significant issue, and should be properly considered in the decision-making process.


Uni, Ha'aretz, 9/7/06. Full text.