Abu Mazen and Haniyeh – Meeting to Dismantle the Palestinian Authority?

(Press Agencies) In the past few hours, Abu Mazen and Haniyeh are meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a national unity government. The Re'ut Institute contends that the failure of the meeting may bring about the dismantling of the PA.

During the past few hours, Chairman Abu Mazen and Prime Minister Haniyeh are discussing the establishment of a unity government between Fatah and Hamas.

This meeting is conducted with intensifying Palestinian calls for dismantling the Palestinian Authority in its background. Haniyeh called last week to all Palestinian factions to reconsider the continued existence of the PA (see Haniyeh to Consider Dismantling the Palestinian Authority).

Haniyeh's words echoed Abu Mazen's words of three weeks before when he warned that if the erosion of his authority persists, pressure on him to dismantle the PA will increase (see Abbas threatens to dismantle the PA).

Fundamental differences of opinion exist between Fatah and Hamas concerning the structure and goals of the political process between the Palestinians and Israel. Until now, the two sides have been unable to arrive at a formula that would permit establishing a unity government.

In the Palestinian constitutional structure and the according to signed agreement thus far between Israel and the PLO, no mechanism exists to dismantle the PA. However, dismantling the PA is theoretically possible by means of cooperation between Fatah and Hamas including Abu Mazen's resignation and a decision of the Palestinian Legislative Council to disband.

If today's meeting between Abu Mazen and Haniyeh fails, Israel may be forced to cope with the a possible disassemble of the PA. This scenario will likely have critical consequences for both Israeli-Palestinian relations and the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.