Israel's Action in Gaza - Undermining Disengagement?

Should Israel not limit the length and scope of its activity, the military operation in Gaza, together with emerging trends on the Palestinian side, may undermine the achievements of the Disengagement.

The primary goal of the Disengagement was to end Israel's responsibility over the Gaza Strip by ending its military and civilian presence. By returning to Gaza, Israel may be portrayed as unwilling or unable to end its control over the Palestinians, and thus serve to undermine the principle of a two-state solution.

Following Hamas' rise into power, some elements within Fatah have called for the dismantling of the Palestinian Authority. Lately, Following the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit and the debate over the Document of National Accord, such demands have been voiced by members of Hamas as well.

The Re'ut Institute forewarns that an Israeli return to Gaza, alongside a joint Fatah-Hamas effort to dismantle the PA may undermine the achievements of the Disengagement and reinforce the one-state threat.

Therefore, if Israel decides to enter Gaza, it should limit the scope and length of its action and emphasize that it is basing its action upon its right to self-defense against a terror-harboring sovereign entity.