The Reut Institute

The Reut Institute is a non-partisan and non-profit organization, designed to be the most effective force of change in Israel and the Jewish World. Our designated taskforces focus on Socio-Economic developments and National Security & Global Affairs.

The Reut Institute was established by Gidi Grinstein in 2004. Reut's vision calls for an Israeli and Jewish model society that is resilient, prosperous and makes a significant and distinct contribution to humanity. Our mission is to offer Israel and the Jewish People ‘adaptive leadership’ by creating and scaling innovative and effective political and economic models which serve our vision. Our purpose is to be an institution that is the most powerful and sustainable force of change for our society.

Reut’s Institute creates transformative models to tackle challenges facing Israel and the Jewish People using research and strategy, design and technology, field work and bold leadership initiatives, in collaboration with government, non-profits and corporations.

The Reut team consists of a diverse group of dedicated young professionals with high analytical capabilities, whom we prepare to assume leadership positions in the public sphere. We have designated taskforces focusing on Socio-Economic developments and National Security and Global Affairs.

Reut supplies its services pro-bono and is supported through donations. We do not accept any contributions that exceed 15% of our annual budget or financial support from government agencies (Israeli or foreign).