Forward: Could an Israel - US Clash Be in the Offing?

The growing number of differences between the new Obama administration and the newer Netanyahu government is coming into view at a sensitive time. Some see the storm clouds already gathering, even as word comes that President Obama and Netanyahu will likely meet at the end of May.

Nathan Jeffay, Forward, 01/05/09.

"Grinstein, the former negotiator who now heads the Reut Institute think tank, shares the belief that the two-state solution will bring together Israel and America rather than divide them. "Once the Israelis are done with their reassessment, and the Americans done with theirs, they may well find themselves much closer than people imagine," he said.

"The notion that there is tension over the two-state solution is a red herring, he said, as it is part of the "Roadmap" that the new Israeli government accepts. In his view, equally inaccurate is the idea that America is determined to see final-status negotiations in the coming months. Grinstein said Netanyahu's assumption "that it isn't possible to reach final-status negotiations at the moment is probably more relevant than the idea that you can.""

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