JustASC: An Interview with Gidi Grinstein

"The two-state solution is increasingly perceived as irrelevant. But this paradigm will only collapse when a new paradigm is ripe to take its place," says Gidi Grinstein, founder and president of the Reut Institute.

Andrew Silow-Carroll, New Jersey Jewish News, 30/01/2009.

"There are two powerful schools regarding Israel's national security: the first says Israel must leave the Palestinian areas and deal with the consequences. For this school, leaving Gaza was very important and they don't want to see Israel returning to Gaza. The second school says we should stay and deal with the implications of staying. For them, the withdrawal has been a mistake from inception."

"The last war represents a de facto Israeli recognition of the reality of Hamas control of Gaza. The next logical and inevitable step is to engage it primarily on issues relating to the border regime."

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