Intrusive Issues

This concept refers to one of the four clusters of issues that would determine the relations between Israel and the Palestinian state.


The concept of "Intrusive Issues" pertains to the cluster of Israeli and Palestinian state-to-state relations in Permanent Status that will require one parties' intrusion into the others' legal, sovereign or functional space.


International law confers to states' inherent rights and obligations. These rights and obligations include, among other things, sovereignty on the land, sea and air space of the state, without any inherent obligation to allow other states access to intrude into this space.

Conversely - the geographic, demographic, security and civil realities will not enable such a clear distinction between the sovereign space of the state of Israel and the future Palestinian state in the "Interim Status" or the Permanent Status. Therefore, even in Permanent Status there will be intrusions into each states sovereign space by the other.

For example, Intrusive Issues include:

  • Israeli Intrusions - the Palestinian sovereign space may be intruded in issues such as the air space and electromagnetic spectrum, early warning stations, the external perimeter of the Palestinian state, de-militarization of the Palestinian state or water sources.
  • Palestinian Intrusions - The future Palestinian state may intrude on the Israeli sovereign space in issues such as the Safe Passage between Gaza and the West Bank, desalination site for the Northern West Bank, access to the Israeli labor market, clearing of fiscal revenues, or access to sea and air ports.