Water Tech Drives Israel Towards the TOP 15

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor has launched a national program to promote Israeli water technology. Leadership in innovation is a tool to improve Israel's competitiveness in this field.

The 2007 WATEC convention is the launch of a national program to promote Israeli water technology - ISRAEL NEWTech (Novel Efficient Water Technologies). The program aims to make water tech Israel's next growth engine and sets a goal of doubling its export to $2 billion by 2010.

Israel has a competitive advantage in water technology because of high quality and professional human capital, relevant experience and knowledge, and an academic infrastructure that supports R&D. As a result, Israel takes the lead in four aspects of this industry: water desalination, irrigation systems, wastewater treatment, and management and control of water resources.

How does promoting water tech in Israel benefit the economy? According to Ricardo Hausmann, economies grow by upgrading the products they produce and export. The technology, capital, institutions, and skills needed to make newer products are adapted from similar products. Therefore, by exploiting existing technology, human capital and resources to develop new technology, Israel progresses towards the developed countries.

The government's decision to promote water technology reflects the understanding that a tool to improve Israel's competitiveness is leadership in innovation by developing new products and by upgrading existing ones.

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