Iranian attempts to thwart Annapolis Summit

Khamenei's call to Muslim leaders to boycott the Annapolis Summit constitutes an attempt to erode the Two-State Solution by obstructing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.
In a speech in Teheran, Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's spiritual leader, urged the leaders of the Muslim world to boycott the upcoming Annapolis Summit. Khamenei said: "When the Palestinians call the conference a deception and refuse to participate, how can the other Muslim countries participate?"

Khamenei's statement is another example of the organizing logic used by the Resistance Network concerning its efforts to promote the elimination of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. The Resistance Network conducts itself against Israel according to a political logic that is based on a theory of "Implosion", whereby Israel will not be overthrown militarily, but rather will be pressured on a number of fronts that will ultimately lead to its internal implosion as a Jewish state, and afterwards, to the establishment of one Palestinian / Arab / Islamist state in place of Israel.

One of the central components of this strategy is the promotion of the One-State Solution. The Resistance Network seeks to thwart negotiations that could lead to the establishment of the Palestinian state alongside Israel. From Iran's point of view, the failure of the Annapolis Summit would complicate advancement of the Israeli-Palestinian political process, thus blocking efforts to reach the Two-State Solution.


Jerusalem Post, 12/10/07.