Countering Terrorism: Dimensions of Preparedness

Countering Terrorism presents compelling, well-grounded ideas at the nexus of national security and emergency preparedness. Writing from diverse vantage points, the authors provide in-depth information and highly perceptive analyses about the vast task of preparing the nation for terrorism.

Arnold Howitt and Robin Pangi (editors), Countering Terrorism: Dimension of Preparedness, MIT Press, 2003.

The United States now knows that it is vulnerable to terrorist attacks. In Countering Terrorism, experts from such disparate fields as medicine, law, public policy, and international security discuss institutional changes the country must make to protect against future attacks. In these essays, they argue that terrorism preparedness is not just a federal concern, but one that requires integrated efforts across federal, state, and local governments.

The authors focus on new threats -- biological attacks, "dirty bombs" containing radioactive materials, and "cyberattacks" that would disrupt the computer networks we rely on for communication, banking, and commerce -- and argue that US institutions must make fundamental changes to protect against them.

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