Palestinians Refugees: The Right of Return

This book deals with the issue of the Palestinian Refugees right of return in various aspects like the international law, historical rights, the role of the international cmmunity and principles of compensation.

Naseer Aruri, The Palestinian Refugees: The Right of Return, Pluto Press, 2001.

With renewed conflict in the Middle East, the prospect of a peaceful resolution looks more unlikely than ever. The Palestinian right of return to their homes has been upheld in international law and through United Nations' resolutions for fifty years.

Equally the right of return has been denied by Israel and deferred to a "final status" issue in the Oslo Accords. It is on this right of return that the Palestinians are united. And it is this issue which is so frequently ignored by the international media.

With major contributions from a range of international experts, including Edward W. Said, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe and Alain Grosh, this volume examines the Palestinians' right of return.

Chapters cover the historical roots of the Palestinian refugee question; the rights of the refugees under international law; the special case of Lebanon; Israeli perceptions of the refugee question; the practical feasibility of the return; the role of the United States and the European Community and the Refugee Question; the value of the refugee property; the principles of compensation; and a program for an Independent Rights Campaign.

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