Hamas: from Anarchy to Institutionalization?

There are elements in Hamas that are afraid of losing power and aspire to bring back order and institutionalize the PA. This aspiration poses a dilema for Israel.
Khalil Al-Hayyah, a Palestinian parliament member from Hamas, stated that his movement will not relinquish its control over the government and that it plans to run in the next elections for both President (2009) and Prime Minister (2010).

This statement complements the 'advice' that Iran's foreign minister, Manoucher Mottaki, gave Khaled Mashal, regarding the need to unite forces with Fatah against Israel.

Simultaneously, elements within
Hamas, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are looking for ways to revive the Mecca Agreement and avoid a full civil war in the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Despite Hamas' involvement in internecine fighting in Gaza and its disregard of the cease-fire with Israel, some of Hamas' members fear losing power and aim to restore order in the PA. The strengthening of Al-Qaeda related elements in Gaza and the sense that the fighting has gone out of control, has pushed those members of Hamas to try to 'institutionalize' the PA.

These efforts to institutionalize the PA pose a dilemma for Israel: On the one hand, Israel does not want to see Hamas ruling the PA; On the other hand, at the present moment, only Hamas' participation in the government can consolidate the PA into an address that can provide for the basic needs of the Palestinian population and fight terror.


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