Tension between Iran and Regional States

Jordanian Minister of Energy's statement regarding Jordan's intentions to develop a nuclear energy program is another expression of the tension between Iran's aspiration for regional hegemony and the threat which Iran's nuclear project poses to its surrounding states.

Jordanian Minister of Energy, Khaled Al-Shreidah, announced that "the country possessed the uranium needed to develop its newly announced nuclear energy program."

The Jordanian nuclear program can be understood in light of Iran's efforts to develop its nuclear capabilities. Jordan's announcement comes in the wake of declarations by other regional states - such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states - of similar nuclear projects.

Within the framework of emerging Iranian hegemony, the Reut Institute has identified six components in Iran's national security concept: (1) protect the Iranian Regime; (2) exploit its natural resources; (3) defend its territorial integrity; (4) recognition of its status as a leading state in the international arena; (5) regional hegemony and; (6) leading the Muslim world.

Iran's nuclear plan is a central tool in achieving the above aspirations. However, tensions are emerging among the components of Iranian hegemony. The Jordanian announcement is another indicator of tensions between Iran's aspirations for regional hegemony and the threat it poses to its surrounding states.


The Jerusalem Post, 5/5/07, full article.