Tempting Syria to leave the Resistance Network

Yesterday's border incident in which a Muslim militant blew himself up, emphasizes the opportunity to 'extract' Syria from its alliance with Iran

A Syrian Muslim militant blew himself up on the border between Syria and Lebanon yesterday. Paradoxically, Syria itself has been playing a major role in instigating terrorism towards Israel, aligning itself with the hostile Resistance Network along with Iran and Hizbullah.

As the religious fervor is less evident in Syria, it seems that Syria's position in the "Shi'ite axis" is more opportunistic than ideologically driven.

The Reut Institute identifies a window of opportunity to 'extract' Syria from its' alliance with Iran (and its' participation in the Resistance Network). As the militant groups weaken the stability of the government, the Resistance Network becomes a threat for Syria.

This could be a turning point in the Middle East, before the departure of US troops in Iraq.


M. Samaan, Washington Post, 11/29/2006. Full text