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Martin Ben-Moreh

Director:Judaism, Zionism and Israeli Society&HR

Age: 2018

In 2010, Martin joined the Reut Institute in Israel, in the capacity of Program Director for Judaism, Renewed Zionism and the Israeli Society. Additionally, Martin is the Director of HR.

Martin has a BA degree in General and Jewish History and holds a teaching degree in the Humanities from Haifa University. He is a Fellow of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

From 2001 till 2009, Martin was the Director-General of Meitar , the College of Judaism as Culture. Meitar's mission was to bring the concept of Judaism as Culture to many parts of the Israeli society (School system, Olim communities, the general public, etc.). In this capacity Martin lectured and presented Meitar's mission throughout Israel as well as among Jewish communities in North America

He has also been involved for many years in the Kibbutz movement - was head of the Youth and Young Families division, Director of Kibbutz Studies at Givat Haviva, and served as Secretary of Kibbutz Nirim. He was born in Scotland where he was a director of an advertising agency, before making aliya to Israel. He is married to Anat, has two children, Oren & Matan, and is a proud grandfather to Zohar.


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