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Netaly is Reut’s CEO. Prior to this role she was Vice President of the Reut Institute, where she led a taskforce on the changing relations between Israel and world Jewry. Her position included strategic development as well as operational and financial management of the organization. Netaly led and contributed to many significant content efforts including: Updating Israel’s National Security Strategy submitted to the Winograd Commission, a conceptual framework on creating A New Relationship between Israel and the Jewish World, and an analysis of The Israeli Diaspora as a Catalyst for Jewish Peoplehood.

Before joining Reut, Netaly worked as a lecturer in the department of International Relations at the Hebrew University and in a variety of positions at the Shalem Center Research Institute. Netaly currently serves on the board of directors of PresenTense Israel.

Netaly spent a year as a Wexner Israel Fellow while completing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School. She also holds a joint Master’s degree in International Relations and Conflict Management & Resolution from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Netalye is a certified facilitator and mediator.

During her military service, Netaly served as a tank instructor for Israeli and foreign officers in the IDF armored corps.