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Arnon Zamir

TOM project Director

Age: 2018
Arnon Zamir is an impact-entrepreneur at heart and a programmer in mind, running focused sprints for social good. He is a Maker who loves building things, electrifying them and letting them free. Arnon is the Director of TOM:Tikkun Olam Makers, the technological wing of the Reut-Institute Strategy Group in Tel Aviv.

In high-school Arnon created SDKs for VGA in the happy days of DOS. He then found out that there's a world out there and spent a year guiding youth as a volunteer before his army service. As a BA psychology student he established the first civil-guard volunteers unit of search-and-rescue dogs. Later, software development became Arnon’s profession, leading development teams and creating his own company in 2009. The search for passion and social impact led him to Reut where he combines his two biggest interests: technological innovation and meaningful social connectedness. Arnon teaches entrepreneurship in the Tel Aviv University MBA program, organizes high-end intentional hackathons, meditates and practices martial arts. Married+dog.