The Reut Institute holds rotating positions for research interns.

Our current interns are:

Lainie Schwartz

Lainie Schwartz is an intern on the Firewall:Israel project. Originally from Winnipeg, Lainie is a graduate of McGill University, where she studied Political Science and Jewish Studies. During her time there, she was president of McGill Students for Israel, a member of the Hillel Leadership Institute and co-chair of the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, which encourages Jewish youth to engage in the political process in all three of Canada's major political parties. Shortly before making aliyah, she had the honour of working in the office of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a research assistant in the policy team.

Lainie was recently released from service in the IDF as an NCO in the Foreign Liaison department, where she helped coordinate joint military exercises. She has also worked for IsraelExperts, a Birthright trip company specializing in pluralistic tours of Israel to Jewish youth from the United States.