About Reut

About Reut


Reut is an innovative policy and strategy group designed to identify the gaps in current policy and strategy in Israel and the Jewish world, and work to build and implement new visions.

Reut, established in January 2004, is a non-partisan non-profit strategy group based in Tel Aviv.

Reut supplies its services pro-bono to people in positions of leadership, authority, and influence in Israel's public sphere.

Reut's current focus areas are National Security and ISRAEL 15: Socio-Economics.

Reut is supported by private donors, foundations and federations. We do not accept any contribution that exceeds 15% of our yearly budget, nor any donations from government agencies (Israeli or foreign).

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Unique Characteristics

In its unique cutting-edge theory, methodology, software tools, and impact strategy, Reut is not akin to the traditional 'think-tank' model.

  • Unique Value Proposition - Reut's unique value proposition is our focus on the fundamental level of policy - its premises - to provide early warning of strategic surprises and opportunities and to design strategies to avoid or seize them respectively.

  • Framing the questions - We don't provide the answers, we frame the questions: we help people in positions of leadership, authority and influence identify and abandon old paradigms and refocus their thinking.

  • Addressing a structural mismatch - Reut's mission is to help government agencies, NGOs, businesses, academia and more, to address the mismatch between Israel's dire need to act strategically due to the complexity of the challenges it faces, and its political system which generates disincentives for such conduct.

  • Full-time professionals - We are comprised of the best-and-brightest young full-time professionals, trained to specialize in analyzing complex and dynamic environments as individuals and in teams. We also engage prominent experts from academia and the professional world on an ad-hoc basis. Click here for themed photos taken of the Reut Team.