Israel 2021 Conference

The conference discussed the main issues facing the national agenda for the next decade, until 2021, with the goal that in this decade will be achieved social and economic leapfrogging.

TheMarker, together with the Reut Institute, launched an innovative and unprecedented process, that aimed to create a public sphere that would discuss the most important issues for Israel's economic and social prosperity.

The annual culmination of this process was the Israel 2021 Conference, that dealt with the main issues facing the national agenda over the next decade, with the ultimate goal achieving social and economic leapfrogging.

Held on Wednesday and Thursday, January 12-13, in ICC Jerusalem, the conference was attended by Israel's committed elite - organizations and individuals committed to improving the economy and society within the government, the public sector, the business community, NGOs, philanthropic donors, academia and the media.

The innovative aspect of this conference resulted in its enabling all participants to take part in shaping the national agenda and conversation with the country's most important decision makers including the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Governor of the Bank of Israel and relevant ministers who deal with the major economic and social issues.

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