Summary of Leapfrogging Guidelines - Israel 2021 Conference

The gap in quality of life between Israel and developed countries requires socio-economic leapfrogging which in turn requires a combination of rapid growth, inclusiveness, and sustainability.

Israel is at a disadvantage in terms of global competition in human capital, which, in the long term, can lead to social and economic collapse - based on international indices, Israel's population and business sector is well educated and high skills. However, the quality of life in Israel is low compared to other developed countries. Therefore, Israel is already one of the leading countries in terms of exports of quality human capital. The widening gap between the quality of population and quality of life may increase the tendency of high human capital to emigrate from Israel. Meanwhile, the loss of a critical mass of well educated Israelis could cause social and economic collapse. Therefore, a leapfrog that closes the gap in quality of life between Israel and developed countries is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Nevertheless, Israel is not organized for such a leapfrog. Values, institutions and patterns of conduct are focused on ensuring macroeconomic stability and moderate growth, rather than leapfrogging.

Leapfrogging requires a combination of sustainable rapid growth that enlarges the pie, 'inclusiveness' that distributes the pie to improve quality of life of all the country's citizens, and sustainability that preserves natural resources for the benefit of future generations.

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