Prof. Yechezkel Dror: "The Government's 'Central Mind' Weakness"

In the wake of the Winograd Report, Prof. Dror outlined the structural deficiencies that prevent Israel from addressing important political-security issues.

During a seminar titled: "Winograd Alarm" that took place at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center on February 5th, 2008, Prof Dror listed the factors preventing Israel from confronting its political-security challenges -

  • Planning deficiency - "Severe weakness of the 'government's central mind', in particular the deficiency in designing overall, long term, creative national-security strategy."

  • Execution deficiency - "Limited action capacity of the IDF and of other governmental or security bodies."

  • A gap between challenges and capabilities - "Mis-alignment between the political system and culture and the challenges that Israel faces, in particular the need to make and execute clear decisions on controversial issues."

To deal with these deficiencies, Prof. Dror recommends that Israel:

  • Establish a national-intelligence assessment team which will complement the assessment of army intelligence.

  • Integrate security and diplomatic considerations. Define strategic base principles and constantly update them.

Reinfeld, 05/02/08, NFC, for the full report (in Hebrew).