National Public Radio: On Point with Gidi Grinstein

On Point's Tom Ashbrook interviews Gidi Grinstein on Islamic democracy and America's hard choices in the Middle East.

Four years ago, George W. Bush declared that stability cannot be bought at the expense of liberty. The USA, he said, would now line up with democracy.

But the angry, Islamic democracy that has surged in Bush's time is not what the president had in mind. Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood -- these have the political popularity. Washington calls them extremists, terrorists. So, what now?

This hour On Point: Islamic democracy, and America's hard choices in the Middle East.


Featured Guests:

  • Gidi Grinstein, former peace negotiator and president of The Re'ut Institute
  • Ken Silverstein, Washington editor of Harper's Magazine
  • Augustus Richard Norton, professor of international relations at Boston University, and author of the new book "Hezbollah: A Short History"
  • Anthony Shadid, correspondent for the Washington Post