Reut Policy Network

Reut Policy Network

Content-experts in Jewish communities around the world comprise a massive, but untapped, intellectual potential which can help government agencies and decisionmakers identify strategic trends that jeopardize Israeli national security.

With today's information and communication technology, the Reut Policy Network can be a channel for researchers and experts in the Jewish world to make an impact on Israeli national security and prosperity in a way that was never possible before.

Benefits for Researchers

  • Make an impact on real-time policy-making in one of the most fascinating and complex strategic environments of the world. Go to the discussions now!

  • Connect to other students around the globe who are focused on your field.

  • Gain access and engage leading experts.

  • Explore career opportunities in a leading Israeli think-tank and policy group.

  • Compete for annual research grants.

  • Experience the complexity and dilemmas affecting the real policy-making world.

Researchers who are interested in participating in the RPN are invited to contact us.

Services to Israeli Decisionmakers

Israeli Decisionmakrs will be able to turn to the RPN for a number of types of assistance:

  1. Research papers on topics you define;

  2. Feedback from many researchers to papers on topics you define;

  3. Insights derived from forum discussions on topics you define;

  4. Reading lists of the essential books and articles related to topics you define.

For more information about the RPN, please contact us.